How to Craft an Article in 20 Minutes?

Writing fast doesn’t necessarily mean not writing well enough. Content is vital when it comes to internet marketing. With schedules to keep and businesses to run, one cannot have hours to polish every blog post or write 2,000- word articles. Get some tips on producing your paper within the minimum time possible.

Here are tips for writing and completing an article in twenty minutes while ensuring good quality. Follow the item to the end and learning some skills for a quick essay.

Have a list of ideas

For any writer, scribbling down inspiration for a post that strikes your thoughts enables you to easily put down a new position quickly once ready to write. Bloggers and content creators usually take up half of the time to find the topic to write about.

Let the ideas you have to incubate

Coming up with supporting information for the brilliant idea you have formulated enables great writing ease when you are ready. Forcing yourself to come up with supporting information for your thoughts right away will take you ages. Let the topic rest for a while, engage in various activities to brainstorm, and keep adding new ideas for incorporating in your article. Once ready, all the data necessary to write your report will be at your disposal. Thus, you will quickly turn the ideas into words, sentences, paragraphs, and have your article ready in twenty minutes or even less.

Edit the ideas developed before starting to write

Usually, you can have many ideas than the ones needed for the post, and since time is crucial, you ought to cut out any supporting ideas that don’t fit with the main topic of the article. The thoughts left out can be used later to support another article’s subject powerfully you will write later.

Number your points

Numbered points or bullet points make writing an article a lot easier and more straightforward for the key issues’ organization. Numbered points make it easier for readers to read as they like lists, making it easier to draw the facts they may be in search of.

Keep the article short

To be able to finish an article in 20 minutes, keep it under 500 words. Fill the piece with a chockfull of information. Every word should count and thus will save you time without interfering with the quality of the article.

Never save a good idea for later

It is very tempting when perusing through the list of ideas to save the best ideas for later or last because they will be easier to write. The concept of learning to write an article in twenty minutes is to save time now, not later. Do items that will flow smoothly and make the most of your time.

Switch from an article when stuck and come back later

It is normal to get stranded when writing an article. When stuck, do not force the words to come. Switching from one blog to another or engaging in a different activity before embarking on the writing enables an idea to come to mind. Once inspiration strikes, you can embark on your saved document and finish within the shortest time possible. The step is a huge time-saver.


The above simple steps will help you write articles in a fraction of time and, therefore, handle multiple works conveniently without sacrificing your work quality. Try following the steps!

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