Trustworthy Sources Of Freelance Academic Writing Jobs

There is a plethora of websites and companies that are always on the lookout for freelance writers for academic writing. However, many of them are not exactly reliable or trustworthy and one would do well to steer clear of them. In this article, we take a look at some of the academic writing jobs that have a reliable source so you can put your best content forward without having to worry about being duped.


Academia-Research is a highly reliable website that has multiple online writing jobs up for grabs. These include helping students with their homework and weekly assignments as well as research papers and other longer format academic writing. Writers who have specialized in a subject and hold a degree can put their knowledge to good use and earn money comfortably.

Some of the perks of such freelance writing jobs include timely payments, flexible deadlines, freedom to choose the academic format, and various other bonuses. The writer needs to be fluent in English and know how to use MLA and APA referencing.

Writers Lab

Writers Lab is another source of employment for many freelance writers that has contributed to fierce competition in the market. Nevertheless, if you are well versed in your subject of choice and know how to complete academic assignments within the stipulated deadline, then you shouldn’t have much of a problem. Writers Lab also offers competitive rates to its freelance writers which make it a much-coveted company to work for. The company also provides writers with bonuses if they perform well consistently.

Writing Creek

This is another dependable company that offers various online writing jobs of an academic ilk. Writers are required to sign up and take a skill test. Thereafter, they are required to write a sample essay and if selected, can get paid a decent amount of money writing academic papers and essays. There are various subjects that one can choose to write on and update one’s skills accordingly. The employment strategy is quite transparent and writers can expect to be paid twice a month for all their hard work.

Useful Tips for Freelance Writing

Once writers have found the company that they want to work for, it is important to maintain professionalism in order to get projects frequently to work on.


No matter how well versed one may be, it is important to research first for every write-up. Not only will this give you a clear idea as to what to write about, but will also get you acquainted with recent developments in the field of study.

Develop a Niche

Being a jack of all trades may allow you to work on multiple projects, but developing a niche will truly make your write-ups stand out. Whatever the field of study may be, ensure that you work towards being an expert in that area. It is ultimately your expertise that will enable you to gain the client’s confidence.

Avoid plagiarism

There is nothing worse for a writer than to be accused of plagiarism. Take steps to ensure that all your content is unique and thoroughly analytical, which is one of the prerequisites of academic writing and editing jobs.


These are some of the most reliable sources where one can expect to get academic freelance writing jobs. As long as you work earnestly and are well equipped to meet the clients’ requirements, you can easily excel at academic writing.

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