Finding Promising Fitness Freelance Writing Jobs: 5 Places to Look

If you’re a freelance writer, keep in mind that you have chosen a path that could be highly rewarding. There are myriads of online writing jobs waiting for you. And one of the reasons you haven’t been able to locate these freelance writing jobs is that you haven’t been looking at the right places. 

The opportunities for fitness freelancers or other writing niches are endless. Let that be your motivation. However, without wasting time, here are five places you should look for fitness writing or editing jobs.

1. Fitness magazines

Do fitness magazines hire freelance writers? The answer is yes. One thing you need to understand about writing is that even if there is no advert for an opening, most businesses are always open to a new idea. 

So, if you have excellent writing skills and a unique idea that will eventually become a hit when published, you can start knocking on the doors of fitness magazines.

Examples of fitness magazines that pay you handsomely to write are;

  • CrossFit Journal
  • Women Running
  • Vibrant Life
  • Healthy Living Magazine
  • Runners World
  • Impact Magazine
  • WOD Talk Magazine

You can also conduct research to find out fitness magazines and contact them online. 

2. Upwork

You must have heard this name numerous times as a freelancer. Upwork is one of the top freelance platforms to get jobs. The company usually invests enormously in marketing. So, you do not have to spend a dime on advertisements to lure clients into the platform. 

Your only contribution or task to enable you to secure fitness jobs on this platform is your profile. Ensure your profile portrays you as a good fit for jobs in your niche. It would also help if you can place killer bids when you come across jobs in your chosen niche. 

3. Guru

Here comes another freelance platform, considered one of the highly-rated platforms in the freelance community. You will find tons of writing jobs across diverse fields, including thousands of clients who are willing to pay good rates for your work. 

Furthermore, all you need to do to get jobs on Guru is to fine-tune your profile and be ready to place killer bids when you find suitable openings. 

4. Social media

Do you know you can secure a writing gig via social media? Many fitness outfits are looking for ways to grow their business. Now guess what, there’s no better place to start this campaign than social media.

So, if you can approach such businesses, even if they don’t have a blog, you can urge them to create one or intensify their social media campaign. Your focus should be to show them how you can help grow their business through the provision of quality fitness content.

Also, examples of social media platforms you should fix your eyes on are; Twitter and LinkedIn. You can also check other platforms because anything is possible.

5. Fitness blogs or businesses

Writing takes time. That’s why most blog owners don’t mind hiring other writers. However, many of them might not indicate that they are looking for a writer. But if you have something special to offer, a good approach would be for you to cold pitch. 


Finding freelance writing jobs might be a daunting but highly rewarding task. You could end up with a repeat and high paying client. Furthermore, you also need to ensure that you deliver quality articles. Otherwise, your first project might spell the end between you and your newly found client. Ensure you conduct in-depth research and provide a neat and error-free content.